Child Dental Benefits Schedule

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What is Child Dental Benefit Schedule?

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule, or CDBS, was established to aid families in obtaining preventive dental care and general dental treatments for their children. Eligible CDBS children can receive dental treatments in public and private dental clinics.

With CDBS, maintaining your child’s dental health becomes more convenient, and Parkmore Family Dental warmly welcomes children under this program.

Who is eligible?

Children aged 12 months to 17 years old are eligible for this scheme. They qualify for Medicare or have received either Family Tax Benefit Part A, Parenting payment, or Double Orphan Pension payments for at least some of that year.

Ensure your child meets the eligibility criteria before scheduling your appointment. Please inform us before your appointment that you are under the CDBS so we can better prepare for your visit.

You can verify your child’s eligibility by contacting Medicare on 132 0111, through your MyGov account, or by calling us at (03) 8592 0298 for more information.

What does it cover?

The CDBS covers a range of dental services including:

  • Examinations
  • X-rays
  • Cleaning the teeth
  • Fillings
  • Root canal treatments

Child Dental Benefit Schedule FAQ’s

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a dental benefits program designed for eligible children aged 2-17 years, offering up to $1,000 in benefits for essential dental services. This schedule took effect on 1 January 2014, replacing the Medicare Teen Dental Plan, and is available at Parkmore Family Dental.

For a child to qualify for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Parkmore Family Dental, the following conditions must be met:

1. The child must be aged between 2 and 17 years for at least one day of the calendar year.
2. The child must be eligible for Medicare.
3. For at least one day of the calendar year, one of the following criteria must apply:

- The child's parent, carer, or guardian receives any of the following:
- Family Tax Benefit Part A
- Parenting payment
- Double Orphan Pension

- The child receives any of the following:
- Family Tax Benefit Part A
- Abstudy
- Carer Payment
- Disability Support Pension
- Parenting Payment
- Special Benefit
- Youth Allowance
- Financial assistance under the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme (VCES) and is not considered a dependent child for Family Tax Benefit purposes due to being 16 years or older.
- Financial assistance under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme (MRCAETS) and is not considered a dependent child for Family Tax Benefit purposes due to being 16 years or older.

- The teenager's partner receives either Family Tax Benefit Part A or Parenting payment.

Families meeting the eligibility criteria will receive official notification from the Australian Government, delivered either in written form or electronically. The Government will consistently assess and identify newly eligible children throughout the year. At Parkmore Family Dental, we will verify eligibility before commencing any dental treatment, or you may contact our office to confirm eligibility prior to scheduling an appointment.

Patients can maintain their eligibility for the scheme throughout the entire calendar year, with the condition that they are eligible for Medicare on the day of service at Parkmore Family Dental.


Under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Parkmore Family Dental, covered dental services encompass:

1. Dental check-ups
2. Teeth cleaning
3. X-rays
4. Fillings
5. Fissure seals
6. Extractions
7. Root canal treatment
8. Partial dentures

Please note that high-end dental services such as Orthodontics or Cosmetic Dentistry are not included under this schedule.

Yes, Dentists will be able to check patient eligibility by contacting Department of Human Services.


Patients under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Parkmore Family Dental have access to a $1,000 allocation for dental treatment over a two-year duration. This two-year period begins at the commencement of the calendar year, not from the patient's initial appointment date. It starts from the calendar year in which the patient first receives an eligible dental service under CDBS.


The $1,000 benefit remains accessible throughout the entire span of two calendar years, allowing any remaining benefits to be carried over to the second year for future use at Parkmore Family Dental.


If the entire $1,000 is not utilized within the two calendar year period, any remaining benefits cannot be carried forward for future use at Parkmore Family Dental or any other time.

Once a patient reaches their $1,000 benefit limit at Parkmore Family Dental, no additional benefits under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule will be accessible within the designated two-year calendar period. If the child remains eligible in 2016, a new $1,000 benefit will be granted.

Patients should be aware that they will be responsible for covering the cost of any treatment exceeding the $1,000 benefit limit at Parkmore Family Dental. It is advisable to consult with your Dentist to gain a clear understanding of any potential additional expenses.

Patients with private health insurance cannot simultaneously claim benefits from both their health fund and the Child Dental Benefits Schedule for the same treatment at Parkmore Family Dental.


Indeed, private health insurance can be applied to cover additional treatments that are not encompassed by the Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Parkmore Family Dental.


To get started, simply reach out to your local Dental Centre, confirm their acceptance of Child Dental Benefits Schedule patients, and if they do, proceed to schedule your appointment at Parkmore Family Dental.


At Parkmore Family Dental, our dentists may request that patients make full payment on the day of treatment and subsequently claim eligible benefits from Medicare. Before any treatment is initiated, you will receive comprehensive information about the specific treatment scheduled under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule for the day, an estimate of the associated costs, including any potential out-of-pocket expenses, and details regarding the billing and payment arrangements for the provided services.

When booking an appointment at Parkmore Family Dental, you will receive information regarding whether the dentist you are scheduling with offers bulk billing for this service or if payment is required on the day with subsequent claims for eligible benefits from Medicare.


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